Stress has the ability to overwhelm even the calmest of people. It can completely zap their energy and attention. One healthy way to distract yourself and get some stress relief is to take up a hobby.

Have you ever enjoyed an activity so much that you completely lost track of time? That’s the idea behind using hobbies as a stress reliever.

Participating in activities you enjoy gives your mind a break from anxiety because you’re focusing on a completely unrelated activity. Also, by taking a mental breather you can gain a reinvigorated perspective about the issue that was causing you stress to begin with.

What hobbies are known for stress relief?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of hobbies that you can take up to reduce stress. Of course, target shooting is at the top of our list for stress relief. 

So, how does target shooting relieve tension?

Keeping your eyes on the target while aiming a bow or airgun requires a lot of focus. By removing your mind from any other activities, you find yourself in the present moment in which there is only one thing at hand to do.

This allows you to separate yourself from any other worries or distractions and quite simply focus on that one thing in front of you.

Some may be surprised to read this, but target shooting sports are predominantly mental sports.

In fact, skilled target shooters believe it is 90% mental. Not only is it great for stress relief but it also increases mental discipline.

Your levels of concentration are sharpened and expanded. Several problem-solving activities including mathematics, logic and the ability to think outside the box are required to succeed at any level of the shooting sports.

So, the next time that work deadline is causing you tension, come down to the Range and have some fun. It’s scientifically proven!