Your Countryside Range package

  • An hour of shooting on each range
  • Expert tuition from qualified instructors
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Medals given to the best shooter of each activity
  • Complimentary glass of bubbly during awards ceremony
  • Free parking on-site

Each activity will be overseen by an expert instructor and health and safety is paramount throughout every activity, so even children as young as 12 can take part.

Knife Throwing

You’ve seen it in the movies and now it’s your chance to do it for real. Our throwing knives are specially weighted and balanced so that all you have to do is land the ‘pointy’ end in the target.


Axe Throwing

Wield an axe like a Viking, our tomahawks prove to be a useful tool for every woodsman.



The bow has been used for thousands of years, a simple piece of equipment that requires great skill. Our qualified instructors will have you shooting arrows like a professional.


Crossbow Shooting

The crossbow has earned respect throughout history. Today modern crossbows can shoot bolts at blistering speeds. Only the hot shot able to hit the apple will win our Robin Hood award.


Air Pistol Shooting

How good is your aim? Similar to air rifle target shooting but a little more challenging. The best shot will win the marksman’s award.


Air Rifle Shooting

Compete to be the top sharpshooter, our instructors will help you get on target and punch out those bulls eyes.